Jon Fila started his career in 2000 as an English teacher. He has been helping districts implement digital learning initiatives and teaching online courses for over 10 years. Jon is a Curriculum Coordinator for Intermediate District 287; he teaches online English/Language Arts courses through Northern Star Online. He has facilitated the sharing of thousands of learning resources. He presents around the country on the topics of accessibility; Open Educational Resources (OER); online/blended learning and implementing digital learning with school districts and organizations.

  • Educator for over 18 years. My experience as a teacher ranges many subject areas, grade levels, and settings. I have taught in public, private, college and alternative settings, including online education.
  • Teaching teachers in the topics of blended and online learning; accessibility; copyright; curriculum writing; digital delivery and design for 12 years. My workshops are widely attended and highly regarded within educational communities.
  • Presenting to school boards and working on district strategic plans. As I get more involved in policy language and review, I see how much those core documents can guide a district forward.
  • Award winning. Jon has been recognized by groups state and nationwide for innovative practices in Education. (Amazon; The Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs; TIES; NROC; eLearning Summit)

You can find Jon on Twitter at @jontfila

Here is what others have had to say about Jon’s services:

“It truly was engaging and interesting. I am very happy that I was able to practice my writing and research skills, especially citing sources. That much, I think, is going to be very important for college. So I guess all there is left to say is THANK YOU! Thanks for making such an expansive and engaging English course, I feel this is one-of-a-kind, especially for high school. This definitely covered way more than I would’ve covered in regular English in the classroom, and for that, I feel better off…All the best.”

The Consultants Development Institute hired Jon Fila to guide development of its Moodle-based Learning Management System. Jon started with very meaningful trainings that were targeted to our level of knowledge. He built the initial framework for our System, making it much more straightforward and accurate for us do some of the additional work on our own. He was prompt and useful in his advice to us as we became more involved in development of the System. During the entire process, he was careful to show us what he did and why. I very highly recommend Jon for Moodle development services.
— Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, Consultants Development Institute

Very flexible course, allowing us to work directly on what was relative to our programs. Great instructor! Thanks so much for the push! Jon was very understanding when we had areas we were not strong in and did not make us feel stupid. He was very encouraging when we did stuff correctly. Time went really fast.

I have to say I thought the class was great and that Jon did a good job as I am not so comp savvy. It was clear easy to understand and I learned a lot of Moodle I will be trying with my class soon after we return from winter break. Thanks Jon.

Hands on application, doing the activities directly related to area of interest, flexible, informative. Jon is great teacher and resource.

I appreciate the time, space and support Jon provided to explore the options available for teaching — very hands on and a great way to explore, both from a technical perspective and a more conceptual perspective as well. It really helps to work on implementing online educational offerings together with someone who has already had solid experience doing so and can anticipate a lot of the work (including mental preparation as well as implementation) that we will need to put in. I also appreciate his openness and respect in working with learners, whatever their level of technical proficiency, as well as his enthusiasm and genuine passion for opening up this opportunity to as many people as possible. Thanks, Jon. Time well spent.