Gamifying the Resistance

In Education there used to be a lot of discussion about gamification and how we can take some of the principles of games and apply it to student engagement. Those kind of trends come in waves. It’s a lot of work for a teacher to do in isolation. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind and it hit me last night that this might be useful to all of the resistance movements going on around the country right now.

I want this to continue. I want to see the support for groups that have been traditionally excluded and ignored. I want to see people taking control and standing up for what is right. It gives me hope. I lost some of that hope last night when I watched Democrats from the House and Senate try to insert themselves into the resistance movement.

Gamifying what I think could give these groups a boost. Remember those annoying games that were so prevalent in the early days of Facebook? Kind of like that but productive and for a good cause.

Games are social and allow for competition. They allow people to share their progress and the work they’ve done. Here are some ideas:

  • Badges – people earn badges for completed tasks; volunteering, donating to socially responsible organizations; writing letters to their local, state, federal representatives or tribal elders (different badges for each); attending a rally or march; getting a friend involved; becoming a media watchdog; sharing content across social media platforms; showing up at a townhall; attending a city council or school board meeting; speaking at a city council or school board meeting; demonstrating support for an individual affected negatively by the administration’s policies; getting your homemade sign on TV; getting a letter to the editor published; starting a group or joining a discussion forum; etc. You get the idea…
  • Points – associate the above items with XP points based on difficulty and time spent.
  • Check-ins – checking in at events that others can see and associate points with that.

There are lots of gamification apps. I don’t know which ones would be right for this or if we need our own just for this. I would also like to see any groups using it tie their work to the Mozilla Open Badge Project so that users can keep their progress and share it across platforms. That kind of micro-credentialing could be useful to organizers to help demonstrate their effectiveness and build a resume for helping to continue this kind of work in organizations.

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