Why Elected Democrats Don’t Get It

In the aftermath of the Women’s March on Washington we’ve seen unprecedented opposition to every action the President has taken over the last week and a half. Spontaneous protests across the country in a show of support for those affected by his reckless executive orders and cabinet selections demonstrates the actual will of the people. It will only grow as he tries to dismantle the Affordable Care Act; take away funding from Planned Parenthood and the Arts; eliminate a woman’s right to make the right choice for her and her family; and privatize our public school system. In addition to protests and marching, people are now learning that holding elected Democrats accountable to their votes and actions opposing this administration is a key component in making America safe.

Here’s the problem…

Last night I watched a sloppy production by the Democrats of the House and Senate. Something about it didn’t feel right. It seems as if they are trying to co-opt the movements going on around the country as if they somehow had something to do with it. They gave the same kind of speeches and paid the same lip service that they always do. I’m just not feeling it. They are not our allies…yet.

In his speech, How Great Leaders Inspire Action (viewed over 30 million times), Simon Sinek talks about the importance of shared belief and how that results in support and action. He lays out principles of innovation that lead to widespread adoption. He notes that Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t give the I Have a Plan speech. That’s exactly what the Democrats are still doing. I’m not particularly interested in their plans at this moment. I want to know what they believe that that they’re going to fight for and with the rest of us. I don’t care to hear any more words coming out of their mouths. I don’t want to see their interviews, I don’t want to hear their lists of accomplishments. All I want to see is coverage of them standing up for the principles that the masses are demanding.

We all know the difference between watching people speak at rallies from their hearts about a sincerely held belief and a polished politician. This is what they can’t quite seem to grasp. They waited for the crowed and then jumped in front with their microphones and bullhorns. I have never believed that politicians are our leaders; they are our servants. It’s time for them to serve.

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