I write all over the place, but I’ll try to keep a running list of things here. Depending on your preferences, you can find things I write on Medium, Twitter, and Facebook…yeah, I know, but that’s where the people are.

  • Why I Teach Online
    I get a lot of questions from teachers about what it’s like to teach in an online setting, especially an asynchronous one. Here’s some background: For my entire career, I’ve gravitated to what I felt like have been the most challenging environments. I have always had more fun teaching students who need special consideration to get their needs met. I’ve worked in alternative, recovery,… Continue reading Why I Teach Online
  • My guide for students using ChatGPT
    I wrote a book for students guiding them through the process of using ChatGPT effectively.
  • Initial Thoughts on Chat GPT
    I think that there is enormous potential in ChatGPT for English Language Learners, special ed students with writing accommodations, disabled students who use assistive tech for speech to text, etc. If they can use the tool to get a first draft done, then they could spend their time editing and updating the default text. This seems like it would be of benefit to most… Continue reading Initial Thoughts on Chat GPT
  • Innovation in Education
    Innovation isn’t just a buzzword, I mean, it is, but not to me and the work I do. It’s a concept that has been studied for decades. It can be planned purposefully. Innovation isn’t technology. It’s about new or enhanced ways of doing things that result in a measurable benefit. Innovations can be things like having washers and dryers at schools for kids to… Continue reading Innovation in Education
  • Why Grades are Bullshit
    I hate things that are pointless. I mean, what’s the purpose of these subjective numbers we use to assign value to a task? They do not mean anything. Letter grades do not even really mean anything. A student who is going to do well in my class gets an A, a student who just wants a credit gets a D. There isn’t really too… Continue reading Why Grades are Bullshit