To support students and schools I also offer training in the following areas:

  • Using AI in the Classroom
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Accessibility
  • Instructional Design
  • Online/Blended Instruction
    ranging from courses and teaching to program design

I will help you improve pedagogy and workflow in a rapidly changing world. I work to ensure that students who struggle receive the support they are entitled to which leads to increased outcomes for all learners.

Dive into the heart of modern teaching methodologies with a focus on the symbiotic relationship between educators and large language models (LLMs). Discover how to leverage AI to enhance equity, inclusion, and emotional intelligence in your practices using AI as an assistant.

I provide workshops in person and online; presentations to leadership teams or specialized groups (teachers, subject area specific, librarians, school HR professionals, school boards, etc. I give key note addresses and sit on panel discussions. For self-directed, AI modules I’ve developed, go to

I am suggesting a potential list of topics for the three-part series. Please let me know what you think about this as a pathway, or if there are other components you would like to see addressed. I can customize any configure of these topics to meet your needs.

Part 1

  • Understanding the Prompter/Tool Relationship
    Unpack the pivotal role educators play in shaping AI interactions to generate more detailed and thorough responses based on how they refer to themselves.
  • Emotional Prompting Techniques
    Harness the power of emotional intelligence to deepen connections and improve AI-generated content relevance, improved responses with greater context and attention to detail.

Part 2

  • Redirecting AI for Equity and Inclusion
    Learn strategies to elicit AI responses that support diverse student needs and backgrounds, making every learner feel empowered.

Part 3

  • Audience and Setting Awareness
    Tailor your AI interactions to meet the specific needs of your educational community, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Other Potential Options for Expanding Your AI Toolkit:

  • Curriculum and Assessment Design
    Explore innovative ways to integrate LLMs into your curriculum planning and assessment strategies.
  • Supporting Learners with AI
    Empower your educators to use AI as a supportive assistant, enhancing personalized learning paths and feedback for all students. What does appropriate use look like and how should we think about providing students feedback when making submissions that utilize AI.
  • AI As Your Assistant
    Streamline administrative tasks and foster a culture of efficiency and innovation within your educational institution.
  • Messaging About AI
    Craft compelling narratives around AI adoption to encourage positive engagement among educators, students, and stakeholders. People in different parts of their AI journey will need to hear different messages on their way to adoption.

I have provided sessions for school districts around Minnesota, including the MN Dept. of Education; Portland Public Schools; as well as districts across the country.

I have consulted for organizations like the Sacramento County Office of Education; American Institute for Research; CAST, MN Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum; Outreach and Technical Assistance Network; Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), MIT, and others. I’ve presented and have given workshops for educational conferences around the country.