Educational Equity

There are a couple of phrases that continually make their way around various equity workshops, discussions, Twitter posts, etc.

Equal rights doesn’t mean less rights for the dominant group. It’s not pie.

Equality is getting everyone a pair of shoes; Equity is getting everyone a pair of shoes that fits.

When a district is going to pursue equity initiatives it can be overwhelming because when we take a look at our practices we realize that we have been playing a role in perpetuating an inequitable system. The idea is not to assign blame, but to fix what is wrong. There are groups that have a default advantage and through equity work, we can make sure that we are supporting students who may not have those advantages.

I will be linking to pages from here as I add them to the site so that we can support our students in a wide range of areas. Equity improves communities, supports learning, develops more creative, critical thinkers and provides students with access to multiple and diverse perspectives that will make them stronger in their academics and in their careers as adults.